Cheese & oils


ALB USA INC brings you the most exquisite and unique cheese coming from Gjirokastra region located in the south of Albania, which for centuries has been the founder of the cheese tradition in the country.  The sweet taste of pasture and the heritage from ancestor define the uniqueness of the cheese. Produced 100% from the milk collected every morning from the farms of the region.


Just take your favorite recipe or grab a glass of wine and pair it with this exquisite selection of cheese!  


Coming from the Berati region, we offer a range of the best high quality olive oil. Its unique characteristics of: olive scent, slightly higher viscosity & texture, rich & strong aroma and zesty flavor stands out to offer a premium product. 

The extra virgin olive oil is a “Certified Organic” product which has been the first-prize recipient in many national and international event. Olives are hand-picked early-harvested and cold-pressed. This oil is produced from certified organic “kalinjot” centuries-old olive trees, grown in farms, belonging to the families of villagers.


(Checkout our blog to be posted with the best recipes and ideas to prepare with the exclusive ALB Flavor products)


*All items on sale are not Returnable*

  • Sheep Kackavall with Chilli Flakes 
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  • Goat Cheese 2kg 
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  • Sheep Cheese 4 kg
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  • All Preserves (*mix & match)
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  • Parboiled Rice
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  • White Beans 500gr
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  • Rice (* mix & match)
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  • B52 Energy drink
    Buy 120+ cases – $ 20.99

  •    Bravo Juice Can (*mix & match)
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  • Fanta Exotic (*mix & match)
    Buy 50+ cases – $24.75/case

  • Bravo Panna Cooking Cream 
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  • Pene Rigato Garofalo 
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  • IVI Drinks (*mix & match)
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  • Suko + Bitter (*mix & match)
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  • Doro Olive Oil
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  • Granola Hazelnut & Honey  
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